3D Animation

We like to build a story to bring character and life to your design by experiencing the space in a way that is immersive. The pace and perspective we employ give the appearance of elegance, productivity or just a fun atmosphere. When you fill out the Pricing Form you will see how the options we have will meet your animation and budget needs.

The Process:

  • Each project begins with the Pricing Form and determines your needs and if you are the client for us.
  • I’ll storyboard the animation with 2D graphics in order to nail down the flow of the video.
  • Once I block out the model or provided model, I’ll set up the camera’s for a dry run.
  • After your approval of the perspective and pace of the animation then we will finalize the sequences.
  • With the final sequences in hand you will see a no frills color version of the video prior to final production.
  • Finally the video will be composited with transitions compressed and an audio track will be laid down.
  • Delivery is usually digital via file transfer.