Architectural Rendering

There is a right way to communicate to people. The vision that casts is always directed at making a connection with the viewer. At some point there is a catch or a pause that draws a person to connect with the space, material, lighting condition reflected in the image. When this happens, there is an ownership of that design idea.  A successful rendering grabs the ownership and moves it toward emotive imagination. When you use ithinkin3d to capture your designs and build a functioning space that is realized by your client, then you have successfully communicated with them.


The Process:

  • Each project begins with the Pricing Form and determines your needs and if you are the client for us.
  • Just like you, we begin with a rough block and begin to refine down to the level of detail required to communicate your design.
  • Adding the lighting brings the important component of depth and realism. So this is hammered out before color comes into the picture.
  • I’ll send a draft render at this point to determine the view angle and camera perspective. From this point we introduce color and texture.
  • Taking the spec’s of your material choices, I will gather digital imagery to communicate the correct colors and textures
  • At this point we begin to form the environment and context of the image that will highlight distinctive portions of the building.
  • Final delivery will be determined by your needs. Hitting a deadline is paramount to my success so I will do what it takes to nail it.