Book Cover Image

The third book in the Oniah Trilogy, Oniah Answers, is another amazing book cover by  Some 3d modeling assistance was needed to perform the imagery required for this cover. Rather than just show the concrete wall was etched and scratched, there needed to be hints of complete breakthrough of the concrete wall. iThinkin3d was able to assist in using 3d sculpting to perform this task. Volumetric lighting was in practice as well to produce this outward focused image.


book cover images
Book Cover Images

Looking at some of the detail required for this image you can see the power of multi-resolution 3D sculpting. The rocky inner surface of the letters provided the depth for this image to portray. The work we did was from the letters inward in addition to the volumetric lightsource. Multiple layers were exported in order to provide the visual repository to express his vision for this cover.